Site XML Dokument

The file site.xml contains basic parameters of a website. If the site uses more than one language, each language requires one site.xml file.

  • title
    The title of the website, as it should appear in the window title of the browser.
  • language (@iso)
    contains the complete name of the language. The two-letter ISO code can be entered in the @iso attribute.
  • keywords
    The search engine keywords for the website, comma separated.
  • navigation (@type)
    This contains the main categories of the website. The single categories are enlisted in item elements (see below).
  • item (@name)
    The item elements each contain the title of a site category. The URL reference is defined in the @name attribute. Furthermore, the @type attribute determines the construction of the sub navigation: „parallel“ means that the sub navigation is created after the main navigation; „cascading“ makes the sub navigation to be included tree-like within the main navigation.

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