What is this?


Tortilla is a simple content management framework for smaller websites which is based mainly on XML/XSLT. Tortilla uses the PHP DOM Extension, which is included in most Apache environments by standard.

Tortilla focuses on content and efficiency. In comparison to a complex and resource intense CMS, all tasks can be done with a text editor and ftp access.

Using Tortilla is similar to editing a page in HTML. The main difference is that Tortilla provides a content oriented structure which is then automatically rendered to HTML.

Tortilla requires you to use its predefined document structure. The basic element is a page, which is then hierarchically subdivided into divisions and sections. Content elements like links and lists correspond more or less to typical HTML elements. The structure also allows to associate content elements with custom CSS classes.

Why ... “Tortilla”?

The name derived from the mexican Tortilla, which is a simple, corn based flatbread. You can fill it with anything you like. It does not taste of nothing at all. Tortillas are content oriented.

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